2024 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Hybrid Workshop

Posters and Poster Pops

Poster POPs will be presented on Monday and Wednesday of the workshop. Note that POPs will be 90 seconds not 2 minutes!

Poster/Pop Submission Site - available in early June with a deadline of July 11

No submissions via email will be accepted.

Poster Submissions and Poster Sessions

Both in-person and remote attendees are invited to submit electronic posters for the 2024 Sagan Workshop. All submitted posters will be grouped by science area and put onto the workshop website. Posters must be broadly related to the topic of the workshop. We are not able to accommodate other topics.

In-person poster presenters should also bring a print out of their poster to mount on the provided poster boards on a first submitted, first served basis. Due to space considerations, we may not be able to accommodate all in person posters; the poster print out should have maximum dimensions of 4 feet (120 cm) wide by 4 feet (120 cm) high. The agenda includes two in-person poster sessions on Monday and Wednesday.

Poster Pops

Pops are oral advertisements for your poster and if you submit a pop you must submit a poster; both should cover topics relevant to the workshop topic.

In-person attendees should submit 2 slides and will give their pop presentation in person.

Remote attendees who submit a poster can submit a recorded poster Pop that should be no longer than 90 seconds. These will be put on the website, and if space allows, included in the Pop presentations during the meeting. Remote attendees will not present a live pop.

All Pops will be posted on the workshop website; Pop inclusion in the in-person agenda is limited by the availability of slots (40 total); therefore, inclusion will be based on the relevance to and balance within the topics covered by the workshop, as well as adherence to the 90 second maximum length. If you are submitting a poster and a pop, you will need to make two separate submissions.


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