NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP)


The 2024 Announcement of Opportunity will be available in early September 2023 with applications due in early November 2023.

NASA Hubble Fellowship Recipients

Starting in 2018, application and review of NASA's three named fellowship programs (Einstein, Hubble, Sagan) are now merged under the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP) which covers all research topics in NASA Astrophysics.

The NHFP encompasses the areas of astrophysics previously covered by the NASA Einstein, Hubble, and Sagan Fellowships. To continue the legacy of these programs, after their selection fellows will be named as Einstein, Hubble, or Sagan Fellows, depending on which of the three major NASA Astrophysics science questions most closely aligns with their proposed research. Read the most recent NHFP Announcement of Opportunity for more information.

Meet the NHFP class of 2023, including 7 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Danica Adams, Harvard University
  • Adina Feinstein, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Ward Howard, Southwest Research Institute
  • AndrĂ©s Izquierdo, University of Florida
  • Charles Law, University of Virginia
  • Jessica Spake, California Institute of Technology
  • Margaret (Maggie) Thompson, Carnegie Institution for Science's Earth and Planets Laboratory

Meet the NHFP class of 2022, including 6 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Fei Dai, California Institute of Technology
  • Feng Long, University of Arizona
  • Ryan MacDonald, University of Michigan
  • Gudmundur Stefansson, Princeton University
  • Michael Wong, Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory
  • Zhoujian Zhang, University of California Santa Cruz

Meet the NHFP class of 2021, including 7 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Marta Bryan, UC Berkeley
  • Megan Mansfield, University of Arizona
  • Diana Powell, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • Raluca Rufu, Southwest Research Institute
  • Jake Turner, Cornell University
  • Luis Welbanks, Arizona State University
  • Jon Zink, California Institute of Technology

Meet the NHFP class of 2020, including 8 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Peter Gao, UC Santa Cruz
  • Jane Huang, University of Michigan
  • Aleksandra Kuznetsova, American Museum of Natural History
  • David Martin, The Ohio State University
  • Sarah Millholland, Princeton University
  • Emiel Por, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Zoe Todd, University of Washington
  • Kevin Wagner, University of Arizona

Meet the NHFP class of 2019, including 6 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Jaehan Bae, Carnegie DTM
  • Jennifer Bergner, University of Chicago
  • Sebastiaan Haffert, University of Arizona
  • Joshua Krissansen-Totton, UC Santa Cruz
  • Antonija Oklopcic, Harvard
  • Christopher Theissen, UC San Diego

Meet the NHFP class of 2018, including 5 NHFP Sagan Fellows

  • Ian Czekala, UC Berkeley
  • Johan Mazoyer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Erik Petigura, California Institute of Technology,
  • Kamber Schwarz, University of Arizona
  • Daniel Tamayo, Princeton

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