HIRES Precision Radial Velocity Pipeline ver. 3.0 Release

NExScI, in collaboration with Caltech and the Keck Observatory, is providing access to a processing environment suitable for producing precision radial velocities for HIRES data that have been acquired in a specific manner. Version 3.0 of the HIRES Precision Radial Velocity Processing environment provides access to a pre-reduced dataset containing all compatible public radial velocity observations collected with HIRES since 2004. Over 60,000 Radial Velocities for over 1600 stars have been processed with precision comparable to other state of the art reduction pipelines for HIRES data. This dataset will help scientists discover new planets, better characterize existing planets, and gain insight into stellar astrophysics.

To get started, please read the complete Documentation for the HIRES Radial Velocity Processing Environment

If you need help with the HIRES RV pipeline, please contact the Keck Observatory Archive Help Desk.

Acknowledgement: An important part of this project is recognizing the 25+ years of work by many people who developed and tuned the Doppler pipeline including Paul Butler, Geoff Marcy, Jeff Valenti, Steve Vogt, Debra Fischer, Andrew Howard, Jason Wright, John Johnson, Chris McCarthy, Eric Williams, Howard Isaacson, and BJ Fulton.


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