2020 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Virtual Workshop

Virtual Poster Session

July 20-24, 2020
Hosted by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Attendees are encouraged to submit a PDF poster about your exoplanet or radial velocity related research and/or a short (2 min), pre recorded video poster advertisement. There are no poster size requirements. Posters are available here and attendees can use the Sagan 2020 Slack workspace for discussions about posters. Please use the channel #posters for these discussions.

The deadline to submit posters is July 14. Click title or thumbnail to view full resolution poster. Note that some posters also have short video presentations; click on "Video" after the title to view these.

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Eva-Maria Ahrer (Univ. of Warwick)
A study of stellar activity modelling's impact on RV planet detection

Oscar Barragín (Univ. of Oxford)
Radial velocity confirmation of K2-100b: A young, highly irradiated, and low density transiting hot Neptune

Matthew Battley (Univ. of Warwick)
Searching for Young Exoplanets with TESS

Serena Benatti (INAF)
The close-in super-Earth HD 164922 d discovered by GAPS with HARPS-N@TNG

Sarvesh Bhogaokar (St. Xavier's College)
Simulation of a Transit Method for Detection of Exoplanets (video)

Edward Bryant (Univ. of Warwick)
Ultra-High Precision Photometry with NGTS Multi-Telescopes

Samuel Cabot (Yale)
High-resolution Transmision Spectroscopy of MASCARA-2b with EXPRES

Ilaria Carleo (Wesleyan Univ.)
The multi-planet system TOI-421

Marion Cointepas (IPAG)
ExTrA : Exoplanets in Transit and their Atmospheres

Michael Cretignier (Univ. of Geneva)
YARARA : A post processing pipeline to improve RV precision

Zoe de Beurs (UT Austin)
Removing Stellar Activity from RVs Using Artificial Intelligence (video)

Fabio Del Sordo (Inst. of Astrophysics-FORTH)
Expectations for the Confirmation of Proxima C from a Long-Term Radial Velocity Follow-up (video)

Aayush Gautam (Tribhuwan Univ.)
Orbital Dynamics of Hypothetical Exomoons around HD 100777b

Uday Ghosh (Univ. of Burdwan)
KEPLER 452b Review on a Promising Planetary Companion of KIC8311864 (video)

Arvind Gupta (Penn State)
The NEID Earth Twin Survey: Target Prioritization for Radial Velocity Exoplanet Searches

Mallory Harris (Univ. of New Mexico)
A survey of the coldest planets around low-mass stars

Emiliano Jofré (Instituto de Astronomía)
Detailed Stellar and Planetary Characterization of the Multiplanet Systems Kepler-278 and Kepler-391

David Kaspar (Univ. of Chicago)
The new exoplanet spectrograph: MAROON-X

Danny Krolikowski (UT Austin)
Precision RVs and Helium Spectroscopy of Young Planet Hosts with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder

Marina Lafarga (Institut de Ciíncies de l'Espai)
Activity on individual lines from CARMENES M dwarfs

Yiting Li (UCSB)
Orbit Fitting of exoplanets with RV, Relative Astrometry, and Absolute Astrometry using orbit3d

Jacob Luhn (Penn State)
Toward an Astrophysically-motivated Predictor of Stellar Radial Velocity Jitter

Rafael Luque (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
A second Jupiter orbiting in 4:3 resonance in the 7 CMa system

Francisco Mendez (Univ. of Florida)
Detecting Stellar Magnetic Cycles and Rotation Period Using UF's Dharma Planet Survey (video)

Belinda Nicholson (Univ. of Oxford)
Measuring the masses of challenging TESS planets: Single transits and DS Tuc Ab

Michael Palumbo (Penn State Univ.)
Distinguishing Planets from Granulation: A Synthetic Spectra Generator

Leonardo Paredes (Georgia Stat Univ.)
Discovering New Stellar, Brown Dwarf, and Planetary Companions Orbiting 472 of the Nearest K Dwarfs

Alex Polanski (Univ. of Kansas)

Jean-Baptiste Ruffio (Caltech)
Radial Velocity of directly imaged planets (video)

Martin Schlecker (MPIA)
Compositional Links Between
 Warm Super-Earths
 and Cold Jupiters (video)

Pooja Sekhar (UC Boulder)
Robust and Broadband Electro-Optic Astrocombs in the Near Infrared and Visible (video)

Gudmundur Stefansson (Princeton)
A High Mass and Low Obliquity for the Young Neptune K2-25b

Quang Tran (UT Austin)
Constraining the Evolution and Migration of Young Giant Planets

Norbert Zicher (Oxford)
How to extract RVs directly from the spectra?


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