Last Name First Name Title
AkesonRachelObservations of T Tauri star inner disks [Poster PDF]
AlexanderRichardPhotoevaporation of circumstellar discs [Poster PDF]
AndrewsSeanThe Gas and Dust Phases of the Outer Disk [Poster PDF]
Ardila David ACS Coronagraphic Observations of Transitional Debris Disks: HD100546 and HD163296 [Poster PDF]
Boden AndyPreliminary Physical Orbit of the HD98800B System
Boss AlanMixing and Transport in Protoplanetary Disks: Chondrites and Crystalline Silicates
Bouwman JeroenPlacing our Solar System in Context: Latest Results from the FEPS Spitzer Legacy Science Program
Bryden GeoffreyThe Distribution of Debris Disks around Solar-Type Stars [Poster PDF]
Chandler Claire Disks in the proto-multiple stellar system IRAS 16293-2422 observed with the SMA and VLA [Poster PDF]
Chen ChristineA Spitzer Study of Dusty Disks in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association
Ciardi DavidCrystalline Silicate Emission in the Protostellar Binary Serpens-SVS20 [Poster PDF]
Cieza LucasCircumstellar Disk Evolution in Nearby Molecular Cloud [Poster PDF]
Corder StuartAB Aurigae Resolved: Evidence for Spiral Structure [Poster PDF]
Correla Jose Carlos Circumstellar Disk Frequency in Young Clusters and the Timescale for Planet Formation
Currie Thayne Circumpulsar disk evolution and pulsar planet formation
Dent BillThe gas content of discs in transition dent [Poster PDF]
Dominik Carsten The deuterated forms of H3+ : a unique probe of the outer disk midplane [Poster PDF]
Furlan EliseSED evolution of young stellar objects in Taurus studied with Spitzer-IRS
Gras-VelasquezAguedaWTTS from ISO to SPITZER
Hollenbach David Infrared Emission from Gas in Optically Thick Disks [Poster PDF]
Hubrig Swetlana Measurements of magnetic fields in intermediate mass stars with disks using FORS1 at the VLT [Poster PDF]
Isella Andrea A model for the inner rim of protoplanetary disks [Poster PDF]
Ivezic ZelijkoAstero-chronology with SDSS
Jardine Moira Magnetospheric accretion onto complex stellar fields [Poster PDF]
Lim Jeremy The Triple Protostellar System L1551 IRS5: Molecular Core to Circumstellar Disks
Lis Darek Millimeter continuum observations of the giant proplyd j244-440
Lowrance Patrick Searching for Young Planetary Mass Companions
Lyra Wladimir 3-D Calculations on Gas Accreting Planetary Embryos
Martin Claire Excitation of Molecular Hydrogen in the Circumstellar Environment of Herbig Ae/Be stars [Poster PDF]
Masset Frederic On the migration rate of giant planets protocores [Poster PDF]
McCabe Caer T Tauri Disk Evolution
McCarthy Chris Search for Terrestrial Planets with the Space Interferometry Mission
Meijer Joke Modelling Herbig Ae/Be group I/II properties [Poster PDF]
Metchev Stanimir Evolution in the AU Microscopii Debris Disk [Poster PDF]
Millan-Gabet Rafael Pre-planetary disks with the Antartic Plateau Interferometer [Poster PDF]
Nuernberger Dieter Exciting new vistas on high mass protostars and their circumstellar envelopes/disks [Poster PDF]
Obinata Makoto Orbital stability of hypothetical terrestrial planets in extrasolar planetetary systems based on Jumping Jupiter model
Padgett Deborah Spitzer Cores to Disks Legacy Team Photometry of Weak-Line T Tauri Stars
Patience Jenny Infrared and Millimeter Observations of Inner and Outer Disks around Young Stars
Pecnik Bojan Classification and the Stability of the Isothermal Protoplanetary Equilibrium
Pietu Vincent Physico-chemistry of protoplanetary disks : the PdBI look
Pietu Vincent Sub-arcsecond imaging of the AB Aur molecular disk and envelope at millimeter wavelength
Qi Charlie Imaging the Disk around TW Hya with the SMA
Rebull Luisa Spitzer Observations of Nearby Star Systems [Poster PDF]
Regandell Samuel Planetary Cradles [Poster PDF]
Rettig Terry Evidence for Dust Stratification In Disks Around Young Stars
Robitaille Thomas A Grid of YSO Models and a Data Fitter [Poster PDF]
Salmeron Raquel Angular momentum transport in weakly ionized protoplanetary disks [Poster PDF]
Sargent Ben Grain Processing in YSO Disks [Poster PDF]
Shen Zhixia Spectroscopic abundance analysis of dwarfs in the young open cluster IC 4665 [Poster PDF]
Tanaka Hidekazu Dust Growth and Settling in Protoplanetary Disks and Evolution of Disk Spectral Energy Distributions [Poster PDF]
Tunyi IgorPlanetesimal Aggregation Driven by Impulse Magnetic Fields in Protoplanetary Nebulae [Poster1 PDF][Poster2 PDF]
Turner NealTurbulent Mixing in the Outer Solar Nebula [Poster PDF]
Vink Jorick Probing the inner AU geometry of T Tauri and Herbig star
White Russel A Long-Lived Accretion Disk Around a Lithium-Depleted Binary T Tauri Star
Willacy Karen Deuterium chemistry in protoplanetary disks

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