Spitzer Observations of Nearby Star Systems
          L. M. Rebull, SSC/JPL/Caltech
          K. R. Stapelfeldt, JPL
          C. H. Chen, NOAO
          M. W. Werner, JPL
          I. Song, Gemini
          B. Zuckerman, UCLA

          The recent discovery of several nearby relatively young stellar moving groups permits the study of the evolution of debris disks ''up close.'' We have observed several of these candidate moving group members from Beta Pictoris, Tucana, and Horologium at 24 and 70 microns with MIPS on the Spitzer Space Telescope. While some stars appear to have simply photospheric emission, still others have large excesses at 70 microns, confirming results from IRAS and suggesting that these stars are indeed young.