Sub-arcsecond imaging of the AB Aur molecular disk and envelope at millimeter wavelength
          Vincent Pietu, Observatoire de Bordeaux, France
          Stephane Guilloteau, Observatoire de Bordeaux, France
          Anne Dutrey, Observatoire de Bordeaux, France

          We present sub-arcsecond imaging of AB Auriga obtained with the IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer in the isopotes of CO and in continuum at 1.3 and 3 mm. These images reveal that the circumstellar environment of AB Aur is widely different from the protoplanetary disks surrounding T Tauri stars like DM Tau or LkCa 15 or other Herbig Ae stars like MWC 480. The continuum and the isotopes lines emission show a ‘‘spiral-like’’ brightness enhancement, that prevents an accurate determination of the system inclination. Nevertheless, a robust result of our analysis is that the disk is not in Keplerian rotation. Those perturbances (spiral feature and non-Keplerian rotation) could be related to an early phase of the stellar formation or a perturbance of yet unknown origin.