3-D Calculations on Gas Accreting Planetary Embryos
          Wladimir Lyra, Uppsala University
          Nikolai Piskunov, Uppsala University
          Susane Höfner, Uppsala University

          The core accretion scenario is used here as the starting point of a 3-D model for the runaway gas accretion that completes the event of gas giant planet formation. Calculations start with a planetary embryo accreting gas from its neighborhood. The initial gas velocity distribution is set to keplerian and Coriolis force is included, simulating the disk hydrodynamical environment as viewed from the reference point of the forming planet. The work is currently in its early stages, and for now, the code involves solving the Navier-Stokes equations considering only hydrodynamics and gravity. Further on, radiative transfer, thermodynamics, magnetic fields and second-order dynamical interactions (e.g., resonances) with the disk will be added, aiming toward a more realistic 3D model of the process.