The 5th Annual Gathering of Southern California Exoplaneteers

December 11-12, 2023

California Institute of Technology
Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill Building


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Invited talks: 25 + 5

Contributed talks: 12 + 3

The maximum size of each poster is 120 cm square (4 feet x 4 feet)

Monday, December 11

8:00 am Registration Desk Open outside Hameetman Auditorium
9:00 am Welcome Catherine Clark (JPL, Caltech/IPAC) and Emily Gilbert (JPL)
Session 1: Instrumentation Session Chair: Rose Gibson (UCLA)
9:15 am Upcoming Opportunities With the Roman Coronagraph Instrument Alex Greenbaum (Caltech/IPAC)/Marie Ygouf (JPL)
9:45 am Characterizing the Instrumental Polarization of SCExAO VAMPIRES Rebecca Zhang (UCSB))
10:00 am Pandora: A SmallSat for Multiwavelength Characterization of Exoplanets and their Host Stars Rae Holcomb (UC Irvine)
10:15 am Prospects for Metasurfaces in Exoplanet Direct Imaging Systems: From Principles to Fabrication Skyler Palatnick (UCSB)
10:30 am Morning Break
Session 2: Planet Host Stars Session Chair: Catherine Clark (JPL, Caltech/IPAC)
11:00 am Exploring the Formation of Giant Exoplanets Around M-dwarf Stars (GEMS) with the New Discovery of TOI-5344 b Te Han (UC Irvine)
11:30 am A Data-driven Spectral Model of Main Sequence Stars in Gaia DR3 Isabel Angelo (UCLA)
11:45 am TESS Stellar Variability Catalog (TESS-SVC) Tara Fetherolf (CSU San Marcos)
12:00 pm Characterizing Exoplanetary Rock Compositions Using Polluted White Dwarf Stars Isabella Trierweiler (UCLA)
12:15 pm Lunch
Session 3: JWST Session Chair: Emily Gilbert (JPL)
1:30 pm The JWST Exoplanet Direct Imaging Early Release Science Program Max Millar-Blanchaer (UCSB)
2:00 pm JWST/NIRSPec's Transformative Capability for Direct Spectroscopy of Exoplanets Jean-Baptiste Ruffio (UCSC)
2:15 pm A JWST/MIRI Dayside Emission Spectrum of the Benchmark Hot Jupiter HD 189733 b Julie Inglis (Caltech)
2:30 pm JWST Imagig of Edge-on Protoplanetary Disks: The Case of Tau042021 Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL)
2:45 pm Afternoon Break
Session 4: Planet Formation Session Chair: Ashley Baker (Caltech)
3:30 pm Imaging Planet Formation at Solar System Scales Christina Vides (UC Irvine)
4:00 pm Are These Planets or Brown Dwarfs? Elemental Abundances in the Atmosphere of Substellar Companions Jerry Xuan (Caltech)
4:15 pm The Origin of Universality in the Inner Edges of Planetary Systems Konstantin Batygin (Caltech)
4:30 pm The Imprint of Escaping Hydrogen Atmospheres on Super-Earth Interiors James Rogers (UCLA)
4:45 pm Special Treat Eric Mamajek (JPL)
5:00 pm Adjourn
5:30 pm Pizza and drinks social hour on Cahill patio ($10 pp to be collected by noon on Monday)

Tuesday, December 12

8:00 am Registration Desk Open outside Hameetman Auditorium
Session 5: Detection Techniques - Imaging Session Chair: Raquel Martinez (UC Irvine)
9:00 am The Prospect of Detecting Volcanic Signatures on an ExoEarth Using Direct Imaging Colby Ostberg (UC Riverside)
9:30 am Gemini Planet Imager Observations of a Resolved Low-Inclination Debris Disk Around HD 156623 Briley Lewis (UCLA)
9:45 am Searching for Close-in Protoplanets with CHARIS and Kernal Phase Interferometry Alexander Chaushev (UC Irvine)
10:00 am Direct Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets Using Imaging Fournier Transform Spectroscopy Jingwen Zhang (IfA)
10:15 am Morning Break
Session 6: Detection Techniques - RV and Transit Session Chair: Emily Gilbert (JPL)
10:45 am Seeing Double: RVs Lagging Behind Magnetic Activity Indicators in HD 26965 Jacob Luhn (UC Irvine)
11:15 am RV Measurements of Directly Imaged Brown Dwarf GQ Lup B to Search for Exomoons Katelyn Horstman (Caltech)
11:30 am Stellar-GIFT: Precision Modeling of Telluric Features Through Rigorous Atmospheric Trace Gas Retrieval Algorithm Keeyoon Sung (JPL/Caltech)
11:45 am Exoplanet Watch: Inviting Citizen Scientists to Observe Transiting Exoplanets Rob Zellem (JPL)
12:00 pm Lunch
Session 7: Atmospheres Session Chair: Tara Fetherolf (CSU San Marcos)
1:15 pm A Window into sub-Neptune Interiors: Coupled Chemistry and Structure of Hydrogen-Silne-Water Atmospheres William Misener (UCLA)
1:45 pm Habitability in 4-D: Predicting the Climates of Earth Analogs Across Rotation and Orbital Configurations Arthur Adams (UC Riverside)
2:00 pm Surveying Hot Jupiter Atmospheres with Keck/KPIC Luke Finnerty (UCLA)
2:15 pm Habitability Statistics from a ROCKE-3D GCM Perturbed Parameter Ensemble Nancy Kiang (NASA Goddard)
2:30 pm WASP-69b's Escaping Atmosphere is Confined to a Tail at Least 7 Planet Radii Dakotah Tyler (UCLA)
2:45 pm Afternoon Break
Session 8: Demographics Session Chair: Dawn Gelino (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
3:30 pm The inclinations and eccentricities of transiting planets Gregory Gilbert (UCLA)
4:00 pm The TESS-Keck Survey XVII: Precise Mass Measurements in a Young, High Multiplicity Transiting Planet System Using Radial Velocities and Transit Timing Variations Corey Beard (UC Irvine)
4:15 pm The Distant Giants Survey - Detections and Trends From Three Years of RV Monitoring Judah Van Zandt (UCLA)
4:30 pm Decoding Hot Jupiter Systems: Unveiling Formation Clues from Giant Planet Populations Jon Zink (Caltech)
4:45 pm Closing Remarks Catherine Clark (JPL, Caltech/IPAC) and Emily Gilbert (JPL)
5:00 pm Adjourn

Poster Presentations

  1. Chelsea Adelman (UC Irvine) Planet Search Around Seven White Dwarfs in the Hyades Cluster using Kernel Phase Interferometry
  2. Gyongyi Bokor (BGD Studio) Science can be Art
  3. Bryson Cale (NASA JPL/IPAC) Commissioning Results from the PAlomar Radial Velocity Instrument
  4. Thea Faridani (UCLA) How Many Observed Three-Planet Exosystems are in Secular Resonance?
  5. Steven Giacalone (Caltech) Uncovering the Landscape of Close-In Planets Orbiting Hot Stars with TESS
  6. Aidan Gibbs (UCLA) Short-Period Brown Dwarf Companions as a Context for Observing Flare-Driven Photochemistry in Atmospheres
  7. Max Goldberg (Caltech)) Dynamics and Origins of the Near-resonant Kepler Planets
  8. Valeria Kachmar (Caltech)) Polluting white dwarfs with 2nd generation asteroids formed in AGB outflows
  9. Mackenzie Lach (UC Irvine) Recovery of exoplanet and disk signals from simulated SCALES frames using non-redundant aperture masking
  10. Danny Levinstein (UC Irvine) Characterizing accretion signatures with photonic lantern spectro-astrometry
  11. Jorge Llop Sayson (JPL) Processing NIRCam Coronagraphic Images in Search of Exoplanets
  12. Ronald Lopez (UCSB) The Peculiar Warp of HD 110058's Debris Disk
  13. Emma Miles (UC Riverside) Planetary Climate Modeling of Potential Venus-like Exoplanets
  14. Pranav Premnath (UC Irvine) Pilot SETI Survey with the upgraded Allen Telescope Array
  15. Aniket Sanghi (Caltech) The Hawaii Infrared Parallax Program. VI. The Fundamental Properties of 1000+ Ultracool Dwarfs and Planetary-mass Objects Using Optical to Mid-IR SEDs and Comparison to BT-Settl and ATMO 2020 Model Atmospheres
  16. Bretton Simpson (UCSD) Reclassification Study of TOI Catalog Sources as Eclipsing Binary Subtypes
  17. Evan Sneed (UC Riverside) Archean Analogue Photochemistry Across the Habitable Zone
  18. Sadie Welter (UC Riverside) Planetary Habitability Under the Light of a Rapidly Changing Star
  19. Samantha Wu (Caltech) Tidal Migration of Exoplanets Around M-dwarfs: Frequency-dependent Tidal Dissipation
  20. Tze Yeung (Mathew) Yu (UCLA) Multi Planet Migration in Magnetospherically Sculpted Protoplanetary Disks
  21. Yang Zhang (Caltech) Neutral-charged-particle Collisions as the Mechanism for Accretion Disk Angular Momentum Transport

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