2016 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop: July 18-22

Is There a Planet in My Data? Statistical Approaches to Finding and Characterizing Planets in Astronomical Data


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View the Majority of Workshop Presentation Videos on the Sagan Workshop YouTube Channel.
Presentations from the Wednesday morning lectures are available here.

Sunday, July 17

Registration Gathering at Beckman Institute Courtyard, Caltech

  • 4-6 pm: Please join us in the courtyard outside the Beckman Institute for the opportunity to register, greet colleagues, and put up your poster in advance of the workshop. We'll have light snacks available but you'll want to get dinner afterwards.

Monday, July 18

Tuesday, July 19

Wednesday, July 20

Note: on Wednesday morning we will meet in Room 201 in the East Bridge building; see map

Thursday, July 21

Friday, July 22


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