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2005 Michelson Fellows Symposium
October 20-21, 2005

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA

Full abstracts

Thursday, October 20th

Start  Duration
8:30 0:15 Opening

1. Coronography: Theory & Engineering
8:45 0:30 Rémi Soummer (Space Telescope Science Institute, PD) - Understanding The Role Of Speckle Statistics In High Dynamic Range Imaging
9:15 0:15 Nicole Putnam

Nicole Putnam
(University of Arizona, GS) - Laboratory Demonstration of a Focal Plane Coronagraphic Interferometer
9:30 0:15

Amir Give'on (Princeton University, GS) - Wavefronts: Peek-a-boo, I'll Correct You
9:45 0:30 Borde

Pascal Bordé
(Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, PD) - Speckle Nulling with Space-based Coronagraphs
10:15 0:25 Break
10:40 0:30 Belikov 1Belikov 2Ruslan Belikov (Princeton University, PD) - Towards 10-10 Contrast for Terrestrial Exoplanet Detection: Coronagraphy Lab Results and Wavefront Control Methods
11:10 0:15 Questions

2. Interferometry: Theory & Engineering
11:25 0:15 Eric Nielsen (University of Arizona, GS) - Searching for Extrasolar Planets with Simultaneous Differential Imaging
11:40 0:15 Margaret Moerchen

Margaret Moerchen (University of Florida, GS) - High Resolution Imaging of Debris Disks in the Mid-Infrared (from Session 4)
11:55 1:30 Lunch
13:25 0:30 Brian Kern (California Institute of Technology, PD) - Quadarature Phase Interferometery: Squeezing More Out Of Rotation Shearing Interferometry
13:55 0:30 Mike Ireland (California Institute of Technology, PD) - The Potential For Optical Interferometric Polarimetry To Detect Scattered Light From Disks And Exoplanets
14:25 0:15 Douglas Hope (University of New Mexico, GS) - Information-Based Assessment Of Optical Synthesis Images
14:40 0:15 Questions
14:55 0:25 Break

3. Interferometric Observations of Stars
15:20 0:30 Jayadev Rajagopal (University of Maryland, PD) - IR Interferometry Of Massive Evolved Stars
15:50 0:30 Sam Ragland (WM Keck Observatory, PD) - Detection of Asymmetries in AGB stars
16:20 0:30 Ettore Pedretti (University of Michigan, PD) - High Angular Resolution Observations Of The Cool Giants V Hya And R Leo
16:50 0:30 Jason Aufdenberg (National Optical Astronomical Observatories, PD) - Limb-Darkening Observations Testing State-of-the-Art Model Atmospheres
17:20 0:15 Dave Berger (Georgia State University, GS) - Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Directly Measured Diameters of Low-Mass Main-Sequence Stars
17:35 0:25 Questions

Friday, October 21st

Start  Duration  Agenda
8:30 0:15 Opening

4. Observations of Disks and YSOs
8:45 0:30 Christopher Tycner (United States Naval Observatory, PD) - Investigating the Circumstellar Disks of Hot Stars using Long-baseline Interferometry
9:15 0:30 Jennifer Patience (California Institute of Technology, PD) - High Angular Resolution Studies of Circumstellar Disks
9:45 0:30 Amaya Moro-Martin (Princeton University, PD) - Looking For Planets By Their Dusty Fingerprints
10:15 0:25 Break
10:40 0:30 Millan-Gabet
Rafael Millan-Gabet
(Michelson Science Center, PD) - Near Infrared Interferometry of Young Stars: IOTA-3T and KI
11:10 0:15 Wilson Liu (University of Arizona, GS) - A Summary of Results from Nulling Interferometry: 2001-2005
11:25 0:15 Josh Eisner (California Institute of Technology, GS) - Probing Sub-AU Radii of Young Circumstellar Disks: Observations with  the Keck and Palomar Testbed Interferometers
11:40 0:30 Sean Brittain (National Optical Astronomical Observatories, PD) - Measuring Gas in Planet Forming Disks
12:10 0:15 Questions
12:25 1:15 Lunch

5. Planet Detection Efforts
13:40 0:15 Julien van Eyken (University of Florida, GS) - The Exoplanet Tracker: Data Reduction and Latest Results
13:55 0:15 Marshall Perrin (University of California, Berkeley, GS) - High Contrast Coronagraphy Today:  Lyot Project Status and Results
14:10 0:15 Matthew Muterspaugh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, GS) - PHASES: The Palomar High-precision Astrometric Search for Exoplanet Systems
14:25 0:15 Fergal Mullally (University of Texas - Austin, GS) - The Search for Planets Around White Dwarf Stars
14:40 0:15 Survath Mahadevan (Pennsylvania State University/University of Florida, GS) - Precision Radial Velocity Surveys with Fixed Delay Interferometers: The Potential of a Multi-Object Radial Velocity Instrument
14:55 0:25 Break
15:20 0:30 Digby

Andrew Digby
(American Museum of Natural History, PD) - Challenges in Coronagraphic Astrometry
15:50 0:15 Questions
16:05 0:15 Close

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