EXoplanet CALIbration and Bayesian Unified Retrieval

Saturday morning, July 29, 2023 on the Caltech campus

Following the 2023 Sagan Summer Workshop, there will be an optional add-on half-day workshop to learn about EXCALIBUR (EXoplanet CALIbration and Bayesian Unified Retrieval). EXCALIBUR is a new tool for comparative planetology. Developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, EXCALIBUR implements uniform processing of exoplanet input catalogs with a high-agility architecture to respond to updates in system parameters, observational data, instrument models, and retrieval methods. EXCALIBUR preserves the full chain of inference by saving all intermediate data products. An initial EXCALIBUR catalog and associated data products will be available this summer through a NExScI portal and EXCALIBUR will eventually form the basis of the CASE Explorer Mission of Opportunity data reduction pipeline. The CASE project is the US contribution the European Space Agency's Ariel mission, which will survey the atmospheres of approximately 1000 exoplanets. Hubble data processed by EXCALIBUR has been used to the study the structure, composition, and chemistry of various exoplanet atmospheres (see Swain et al. 2021, Roudier et al. 2021, Estrela et al. 2021, 2022, Huber-Feely 2022).

Come spend one extra half-day (either in-person or virtually) after the Sagan Summer Workshop to learn from the EXCALIBUR scientists and developers about how EXCALIBUR works, the data products it produces, and how to interact with the data products. Please indicate your interest in this half-day workshop when you register for the 2023 Sagan Workshop. The EXCALIBUR workshop will be held on the Caltech campus.


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