2019 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop

Astrobiology for Astronomers


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We ask all participants to follow this Code of Conduct.

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Videos of the presentations are posted on the Sagan Exoplanet Workshop YouTube Channel.

Information on the hands on sessions and links to resources for further reading are available here.

Sunday July 14

Registration Gathering in the Dabney Courtyard

  • 4-6 pm: Please join us for the opportunity to register and greet colleagues. We'll have light snacks available but you'll want to get dinner afterwards.

Monday July 15: Formation and Evolution of the Earth and Other Solar System Bodies

Tuesday July 16: Origin and Evolution of Life

Wednesday July 17: Life on Other Planets

Thursday July 18: Biosignatures - False Positives and False Negatives

Friday July 19: The Future: Detecting Biosignatures on Exoplanets


We ask all participants to follow this Code of Conduct.

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