KI Observing Overview

Although the KI is no longer operational, the procedure below describes how observations were facilitated.

Interferometer observing

All Keck Interferometer science observations are executed in service observing mode. Science observing is performed by staff at WMKO with support from NExScI. Interferometer runs generally take place 2-4 times a semester; science and engineering observing may both take place during a given run.

NExScI Support

Each KI project is assigned an NExScI contact scientist (CS). The CS is the main point of contact for the investigators for all aspects of observing, from schedule preparation to data calibration. After interferometer time is awarded, each PI will be contacted by their CS.

KI visitor policy

Investigators awarded time are welcome to visit the interferometer control room during their allocated time, but this is not required for their observations to be taken. In order to ensure the efficiency of interferometer observing, the WMKO interferometer operations coordinator has final authority in the control room. NASA investigators may visit on NASA nights and these visits will generally be limited to a two person, two night restriction. Visitors on non-NASA nights must receive permission from the PI of that night and will generally be restricted to two investigators in the control room. Visit requests on NASA nights should be made through NExScI and will require approval by the WMKO interferometer operations coordinator. Impromptu visit requests must be approved by the WMKO interferometer operations coordinator.

Remote Observing

PIs and co-Is also have the option for remote monitoring of the interferometer observing. They can either monitor the interferometer data only from any computer, or all telescope parameters if at one of the Keck Remote Operations sites. The process to access the Remote Operations sites varies by location. NASA users should follow the instructions listed here. If you are interested in observing remotely, please also contact your NExScI contact scientist.

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