NASA Keck Remote Observing

At-Home ("pajama mode") Observing: Keck will continue to support up to two observers for at-home observing: one primary and one secondary observer. Click here for more information. First time observers are required to travel to WMKO for their observations if possible.

NASA observers also have access to the remote observing facility (ROF) at IPAC on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, CA.

NASA Keck observers who wish to use the IPAC ROF must follow the WMKO Policy on Mainland Observing which is summarized below.

The process to obtain approval for remote observing should be started at least 5 weeks prior to the scheduled observing run.

    1. Log into the WMKO observer web portal

    2. From your observer login page, you can request mainland observing on the access form in one of two ways:

    • For programs on which you are the PI, your observer home page displays upcoming observing runs. Click the appropriate link to submit a mainland observing request page for that particular run.
    • If you are not the PI, or the run is not listed, use the link "Click here to submit a mainland observing request"

    Complete the form with the requested information and submit. You will receive an email confirmation following submission.

    3. What happens next?

    Your request is reviewed by the WMKO remote observing coordinator. If approved, it is then sent to (1) the support astronomer assigned to the run; (2) the mainland site manager at the IPAC ROF; and (3) the NASA representative for approval (or denial) by each.

    Once all approvals have been granted, email is sent to the (1) requestor, (2) program PI, (3) support astronomer, (4) mainland site manager, (5) and the NASA representative.

    Please note that other ROFs are also available and NASA users with access to these may use them, however arrangements must be made with those ROFs directly.

    (last updated July 18th, 2024 16:36:52)