Peer-reviewed Keck Interferometer Instrument Publications

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First Faint Dual-field Off-axis Observations in Optical Long Baseline Interferometry, Woillez, J., Wizinowich, P., Akeson, R., Colavita, M., Eisner, J., Millan-Gabet, R., Monnier, J. D., Pott, J.-U., Ragland, S. 2014, AJ, 783, 2, 104

The Keck Interferometer, Colavita, M. M. et al, 2013, PASP, 125, 32

Self-Phase-Referenced Spectro-Interferometry on the Keck Interferometer, Woillez, J., Akeson, R., Colavita, M., Eisner, J., Millan-Gabet, R., Monnier, J., Pott, J.-U., Ragland, S., Wizinowich, P., Abajian, M., Appleby, E., Berkey, B., Cooper, A., Felizardo, C., Herstein, J., Hrynevych, M., Medeiros, D., Morrison, D., Panteleeva, T., Smith, B., Summers, K., Tsubota, K., Tyau, C., Wetherell, E., 2012, PASP, 124, 911, 51

The Keck Interferometer Nuller, Serabyn, E., Mennesson, B., Colavita, M. M., Koresko, C., Kuchner, M. J., 2012, AJ, 748, 1

Fringe Measurement and Control for the Keck Interferometer, Colavita, M. M., Booth, A. J., Garcia-Gathright, J. I., Vasisht, G., Johnson, R. L., Summers, K. R., 2010, PASP, 122, 893

Simultaneous Water Vapor and Dry Air Path Length Measurements with the Keck Interferometer Nuller, Colavita, M. M., 2010, PASP, 122, 892, 712

Keck Interferometer Nuller Data Reduction and On-Sky Performance, M.M. Colavita et al, 2009, PASP, 121, 884, 1120

Effects of Atmospheric Water Vapor on Infrared Interferometry, Colavita, M. M., Swain, M. R., Akeson, R. L., Koresko, C. D., Hill, R. J., 2004, PASP, 116, 823, 876

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