NExScI Personnel

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Chas Beichman Executive Director

Dawn Gelino Deputy Director

David Ciardi Chief Scientist

Sean Carey Manager

Bruce Berriman NExScI Archives Task Lead

Tracy Chen NExScI Science Affairs

Jessie Christiansen Astronomer/NASA Exoplanet Archive

David Ciardi Astronomer/NExScI Archives Task Scientist

Megan Crane Science Affairs/NASA Exoplanet Archive

Elise Furlan Astronomer/Science Affairs

Chris Gelino Astronomer/Keck Observatory Archive, LBTI Data Archive

Dawn Gelino Astronomer/Science Affairs Task Lead

John Good NExScI Archives Architect

Marcy Harbut NASA Exoplanet Archive

Aurora Kesseli Astronomer/NASA Exoplanet Archive

Mih-Seh Kong Keck Observatory Archive Software Engineer, LBTI Data Archive

Meca Lynn Keck Observatory Archive

Doug McElroy NASA Exoplanet Archive

Ricky Nilsson Application Developer, NASA Exoplanet Archive

Ellen O'Leary Science Affairs

Mike Papin NASA Exoplanet Archive

Melanie Swain Software Engineer, Keck Observatory Archive/NASA Exoplanet Archive

Cynthia Taboh NASA Exoplanet Archive, Keck Observatory Archive

Raymond Tam NASA Exoplanet Archive

Julian van Eyken Astronomer/NASA Exoplanet Archive