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KI V2 Data Products

Baseline Model (.bline) File

This file contains the Earth baseline coordinates and best-fitbaseline model extracted from the .binfo file. The contents of thisfile is extracted from the more comprehensive baseline modelinginformation contained in the .binfo file. (See the documentation on .binfo for details.)

# Earth baseline position (long/latitude/altitude): -155.4733   19.8267  4123
# Best-fit model baseline (ENUbias) (m):  -51.703989  -67.455287  -0.001524  1.399381
# RMS residual delay (m): 9.27693e-05  (21 out of 149 delays excluded in 11 iterations)
# baseline error est (m): 0.000119364  0.000153121  0.000208339  0.000191457
# Full covariance matrix (m^2):
# cov  1.42478e-08  1.69928e-08  8.61345e-09  -6.7576e-09  
# cov  1.69928e-08  2.34461e-08  1.88351e-08  -1.61581e-08  
# cov  8.61345e-09  1.88351e-08  4.3405e-08  -3.9791e-08  
# cov  -6.7576e-09  -1.61581e-08  -3.9791e-08  3.66556e-08  

The format and contents of this file is (hopefully) self-explanitory.