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KI V2 Data Products

Baseline Modeling Info (.binfo) File

Complete baseline modeling data is contained in the YYYDDD.binfofile. The .binfo file is created by the ISC baseline modelingapplication bFit on the summary (.sum) file (to provide time and delaymeasurement information) and a separately composed baseline fit script(.bfScript -- containing target designation and astrometricinformation). A sample .binfo file is given below:

# option printMeas
# option printMeas
# 1 command line arguments processed
# HDC35497
# HDC43039
# HDC49520
# HDC64351...
# 150 data lines read from /home/bode/2001074.sum
# Earth baseline position (long/latitude/altitude): -155.4733   19.8267  4123
# Fit 128 extracted delays on 9 objects
#  (21 delays excluded in 11 iterations)

Longitude and latitude are given in degrees, altitude in meters.(All three are compile-time constants in bFit.)

This is followed by a table (possibly empty) of model baselineresiduals per target:

## Measurement report template:
## JD                UT              delay(m)        modelDelay(m)   residual(m)     localAz(deg)    localEl(deg)
# HDC3549751983.24664       5.919421        8.193715        8.193707        8.12881e-06     153.838809      65.93643951983.24667    5.920130        8.199804        8.199827        -2.32276e-05    153.845094      65.92743451983.24670    5.920748        8.205185        8.205161        2.40135e-05     153.850567      65.919585...

Each line in the table contains the following space-delimitedfields:






Modified Julian Date


UTC Time

UTC time (decimal hours)


Measured Delay

Measured delay (m)


Model Delay

Baseline fit model delay (m)


Delay Residual

Delay residual (meas - model) (m)


Target Local Azimuth

Local az (positive N from E) (deg)


Target Local Elevation

Local el (positive up from horizon) (deg)

The file concludes with a summary of the best fit baseline:

# Best-fit model baseline (ENUbias) (m):  -51.703989  -67.455287  -0.001524  1.399381
# RMS residual delay (m): 9.27693e-05  (21 out of 149 delays excluded in 11 iterations)
# baseline error est (m): 0.000119364  0.000153121  0.000208339  0.000191457
# Full covariance matrix (m^2):
# cov  1.42478e-08  1.69928e-08  8.61345e-09  -6.7576e-09  
# cov  1.69928e-08  2.34461e-08  1.88351e-08  -1.61581e-08  
# cov  8.61345e-09  1.88351e-08  4.3405e-08  -3.9791e-08  
# cov  -6.7576e-09  -1.61581e-08  -3.9791e-08  3.66556e-08

This report is (hopefully) self explanitory, with the possibleexception that the covariance matrix terms are in the ENUbias order.