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Flagstaff Conference Poster

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Exploring Strange New Worlds:
From Giant Planets to Super Earths

High Country Conference Center, Flagstaff, AZ May 1-6, 2011

Co-hosted by the NASA/JPL Exoplanet Exploration Program
and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

First Announcement - November 16, 2010

Purpose and Scope

The NASA ExoPlanet Exploration Program and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute are co-hosting the 6th in a series of international scientific conferences on the topic of present and future observations of exoplanets from space. The conference will present state-of-the art results from the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes, the Kepler and CoRoT transit missions, as well as relevant ground-based facilities. Noted theoreticians will provide perspective and interpretation of the observational results of the physical characterization of planets ranging in size from gas and icy giants, super Earths, and (ultimately) Earth analogs. Speakers will emphasize how exoplanet observations help us understand the formation and evolution of objects in our own Solar System.

Speakers will also look toward the future with a focus on the exoplanet observations using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and ESA's GAIA astrometric mission. Speakers from the four JWST instrument teams will address the capabilities of JWST for coronagraphy and transit follow-up. The conference will end with discussions of the missions and technologies endorsed by the Astro2010 Decadal Review such as micro-lensing opportunities with NASA's WFIRST project and a large optical/UV telescope. Similar discussions will be held on plans of other space agencies such as ESA's EUCLID and PLATO projects.

The conference will include invited talks, contributed talks and posters as well as a public lecture. The conference is sponsored by NASA, the Spitzer Science Center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology, the Blue Dots initiative, Northrup Grumman Space Systems, Lockheed Martin, and the James Webb Space Telescope project.

Website and Announcements

The conference website is available and has the preliminary agenda and information on conference events. On-line registration will be available on Nov. 16, 2010.

Email us at to be added to our mailing list for future conference announcements.

Program Information

A preliminary agenda, including confirmed speakers, is available here.

Attendees are invited to submit abstracts for contributed talks and posters. The deadline for abstract submission is Feb. 28, 2011, with an extended deadline of April 15 to submit electronic posters.

Venue, Accomodation, and Travel Information

The conference will be held at the High Country Conference Center (HCCC) near the campus of Northern Arizona University and within walking distance of historic downtown Flagstaff.

Room blocks have been reserved at three hotels nearby the HCCC. Information on accommodations and the Flagstaff area can be found on the lodging and travel information page.


Click here to register on-line.

The registration fee includes:

Financial Assistance for Students

Graduate students and post-docs may apply for limited financial assistance to attend this conference. Click here for the on-line application which is due Jan. 31, 2011. Decisions on financial assistance will be announced via email by Feb. 18, 2011.

Conference Events and Excursions

Important Dates


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