The 4th Annual Gathering of Southern California Exoplaneteers

September 17-18, 2018

California Institute of Technology
Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill Building


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Invited talks: 25 + 5

Contributed talks: 7 + 3

Poster pops (Monday PM): 1 + 0

Posters should be 32"W x 48"H.

Monday, September 17

Luisa Rebull (Caltech/IPAC-IRSA)
8:30 am Registration Desk Open outside Hameetman Auditorium
9:00 am Welcome Dawn Gelino (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
Planet Characterization Session Chair: Jessie Christiansen (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
9:10 am Invited Talk: Capturing Footage of Young Jovian Worlds Jason Wang (Caltech)
9:40 am Demonstrating Predictive Wavefront Control at Keck II for Exoplanet Imaging Rebecca Jensen-Clem (UC Berkeley)
9:50 am Characterizing the Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and Directly Imaged Planets with Polarimetry Max Millar-Blanchaer (JPL)
10:00 am Bright Opportunities for Atmospheric Characterization of Small Planets Molly Kosiarek (UC Santa Cruz)
10:10 am Improving Orbit Estimates for Incomplete Orbits with a New Approach to Priors -- with Application to HR 8799 Kelly Kosmo O'Neil (UCLA)
10:20 am Space-Like Infrared Photometry and Spectroscopy of Transiting Exoplanets with WIRC Shreyas Vissapragada (Caltech)
10:30 am Morning Break
Planet Demographics Session Chair: Paul Robertson (UC Irvine)
11:00 am Invited Talk: Towards measuring temporal trends in exoplanet properties and occurrence Trevor David (JPL)
11:30 am Revisiting the Radius Gap in the Era of Gaia BJ Fulton (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
11:40 am Understanding the Relative Occurrence Rates of super-Earths, sub-Neptunes, and sub-Saturns Eve Lee (Caltech)
11:50 am The Galactic Distribution of Planets from Spitzer Microlens Parallaxes Yossi Shvartzvald (Caltech/IPAC)
12:00 pm Accounting for Incompleteness due to Transit Multiplicity Jon Zink (UCLA)
12:10 pm Dead Pixels Tell No Tales Jessie Christiansen (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
12:20 pm Currently Known Exoplanets in this Era of New TESS Discoveries Paul Dalba (UC Riverside)
12:30 pm Lunch on own
2:00 pm Poster Pops (see listing below) Calen Henderson (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
Planet Formation Session Chair: Erik Petigura (Caltech)
2:10 pm Multiplanet Systems as Laboratories for Planet Formation Lauren Weiss (Institute for Astronomy at Manoa)
2:20 pm SCExAO/CHARIS Direct Spectroscopy of kappa And b: A Likely Low-Gravity Superjovian Companion Thayne Currie (NASA Ames/Subaru)
2:30 pm Searching for protoplanets with the Keck/NIRC2 vortex coronagraph Garreth Ruane (Caltech)
2:40 pm The hot Jupiter period-mass distribution as a signature of in-situ formation Elizabeth Bailey (Caltech)
2:50 pm Dust Evolution & Planet Traps: Effects on Planet Populations Matthew Alessi (McMaster University)
3:00 pm The Origin of Heavy Element Content Trend in Giant Planets via Core Accretion Yasuhiro Hasegawa (JPL)
3:10 pm Afternoon Break
Community Engagement and Outreach Session Chair: Tiffany Kataria (JPL)
3:40 pm Invited Talk: Beyond the Lecture: Finding the Intersections between Science and the Community Jessie Christiansen (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
4:10 pm The NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP): 12 Years of Working with High School Teachers
4:20 pm The Making of the JPL/ NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters Joby Harris (JPL) and David Delgado (JPL)
4:30 pm What is an exoplanet? How we can help you tell your story Thalia Rivera (NASA JPL)
4:40 pm New Outreach Initiatives at UC Berkeley Jason Wang (Caltech)
4:50 pm Panel Discussion: Let's hear it for the citizen scientists! Elizabeth Landau (JPL)
5:10 pm TRAPPIST-Wonderful: A Musical Performance Elizabeth Landau (JPL)
5:20 pm Adjourn
5:30 pm Pizza and drinks social hour on Cahill patio (money to be collected by noon on Monday)

Tuesday, September 18

8:30 am Registration Desk Open outside Hameetman Auditorium
Planet Evolution Session Chair: Eve Lee (Caltech)
9:00 am Invited Talk: Eccentric Planets & Debris Disks Interactions Virginie Faramaz (JPL-Caltech)
9:30 am Efficient Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer in Optically-Thick Protoplanetary Disks John DeVries (California State University Los Angeles)
9:40 am Magnetic Effects Determine the Spin Rates of Giant Planets Konstantin Batygin (Caltech)
9:50 am Episodic accretion: fitting a snowline at 40AU at V883 Orionis. Wladimir Lyra (CSUN)
10:00 am Exploring the origin of the 2.17 feature on the Kepler next-neighbor period ratio diagram: collision or migration Tze Yeung Mathew Yu (UCLA)
10:10 am Irregular Satellite Collisions: A Formation Mechanism for Circumstellar Debris Disks Kevin Hayakawa (UCLA)
10:20 am A planetary mass companion in an edge-on protoplanetary disk system Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL/Caltech/ExEP)
10:30 am Morning Break
Planet Detection Session Chair: Arpita Roy (Caltech)
11:00 am The HPF Spectrograph: Design, Performance, and Early Science Results Paul Robertson (UC Irvine)
11:10 am A deep search for planets in the inner 15 au around Vega Tiffany Meshkat (Caltech/IPAC)
11:20 am Stochastic Speckle Discrimination with Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors Clint Bockstiegel (UC Santa Barbara)
11:30 am Optimizing PSF Subtraction Techniques for Exoplanet Imaging Therese Cook (Caltech, UCLA)
11:40 am Exoplanet Science with the Origins Space Telescope Tiffany Kataria (JPL)
11:50 am Giant Planets: Good Neighbors for Habitable Worlds? Siegfried Eggl (JPL/Caltech)
12:00 pm HD 120066 b, a Planet with 65-year Orbital Period and High Eccentricity Detected with Radial Velocities Sarah Blunt (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA/Caltech/NSF Fellow)
12:10 pm Preliminary Trade Study of Hybrid Lyot Coronagraphs for LUVOIR Carl Coker (JPL/Caltech)
12:20 pm The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx): science goals and projected capabilities Dimitri Mawet (Caltech)
12:30 pm Lunch on own
Planets and their Host Stars Session Chair: Wladimir Lyra (CSUN)
2:00 pm Investigating Trends in Atmospheric Compositions of Cool Gas Giant Planets Using Spitzer Secondary Eclipses Nicole Wallack (Caltech)
2:10 pm A Super-Solar Metallicity Preference for Eccentric Transiting Planets Sean Mills (Caltech)
2:20 pm Know Thy Starrrr (and know not-thy-starrrrr), Know Thy Planet Calen Henderson (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
2:30 pm HiCannon: Application of The Cannon to Keck/HIRES For Data-Driven Spectroscopy of Cool Stars Aida Behmard (California Institute of Technology)
2:40 pm High-Contrast Imaging of a New Circumbinary Disk Around a Young Spectroscopic Binary Marie Ygouf (Caltech/IPAC)
2:50 pm Metal-rich Stars Host a Greater Diversity of Planets Erik Petigura (Caltech)
3:00 pm The Effects of Stellar Companions on the Observed Transiting Exoplanet Radius Distribution Johanna Teske (Carnegie Observatories)
3:10 pm Planet Meets Giant: Unseen Companions of V Hya Inferred from Periodic Ejections Jesus Salas (UCLA)
3:20 pm The Precision Radial Velocity Landscape Arpita Roy (Caltech)
3:30 pm Group Photo
3:45 pm Excursion to Hale Observatory (max. 20 attendees selected from registrants by lottery)

Poster Presentations

  1. Community Outreach Supporting the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii: How does Hawaii really feel about TMT?: Thayne Currie (NAOJ)
  2. Using Exoplanet Climate Simulations as a Tool for Constraining Astroecology Model: Alma Y. Ceja (UCR), Stephen R. Kane (UCR)
  3. Vortex Fiber Nulling: Concept and Early Results: Daniel Echeverri (Caltech)
  4. Project PANOPTES: Detecting Transiting Exoplanets With a Low-Cost Robotic Observatory: Abhinav (Montu) Ganesh (Caltech), Dimitri Mawet, Garreth Ruane, Nemanja Jovanovic, Arundhati Mukherjea, James Synge, Wilfred Gee, and Luc Boucher
  5. Investigating the Evolution of Planetary and Stellar Obliquity due to Dynamically Inward Migrating Hot Jupiters: Isabella Goetting (UCLA)
  6. Precise Radial Velocities to Detect Exoplanets around Ultracool Dwarfs Using the NIRSPEC High-Resolution Spectrograph: Dino Chih-Chun Hsu (UC San Diego)
  7. The Exoplanet Case for Venus: Stephen R. Kane (UCR), Giada Arney, David Crisp, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, Lori S. Glaze, Colin Goldblatt, David Grinspoon, James W. Head, Adrian Lenardic, Cayman Unterborn, Michael J. Way
  8. Applying Science to Fiction: A Look at the Fictional Planet Mesklin: Matthew McKinney (UCLA)
  9. Quantifying Solar Radiation Forces on Interplanetary Dust Grains: Elizabeth Metzler-Winslow (CSUN), Geoff Bryden (JPL), Neal Turner (JPL)
  10. The Importance of Ozone and UV Capability in Detecting Biosignatures on Planets With Intermediate Oxygenation States: Edward Schwieterman (UC Riverside)
  11. Sampling our Zodiacal Cloud's Source Bodies with a Dust Telescope at 1 AU: Neal Turner (JPL/Caltech)
  12. High-contrast imaging with JWST: Marie Ygouf (Caltech/IPAC)

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