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2012 Sagan/Michelson Fellows Symposium

Thursday, November 8

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8:30 Dawn Gelino (NExScI) and Chas Beichman (NExScI): Welcome and Opening Comments

Planet Formation and Disks

8:40 Catherine Espaillat (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA): Characterizing Planet-Forming Disks Around Young Stars
9:00 Lucas Cieza (Univ. of Hawaii): Transition Disks as Disk Evolution and Planet Formation Laboratories
9:20 Rafael Millan-Gabet (Caltech/NExScI): Exozodi Dust Emission Measured with the Nulling Interferometers (KI and LBTI)
9:40 Stefan Kraus (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA): Resolving the Gapped Structure in Pre-transitional Disks with Multi-wavelength Interferometry
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Wladimir Lyra (NASA JPL): Gas in Debris Disks: A New Way to Produce Patterns?
10:50 Margaret Moerchen (STScI): Planetary System Insights from Spatially Resolved Debris Disks
11:10 Aaron Boley (Univ. of Florida): The First Stages of Planet Formation and the Clumps that Failed
11:30 Rebecca Martin (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder): Accretion Outbursts on to Young Stars and Planets
11:50 Hannah Jang-Condell (Univ. of Wyoming): Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer in Disks with Planets
12:10 Lunch (on own)
1:30 John Grotzinger (NASA JPL/Caltech) Keynote Talk: Latest Results from the Mars Science Lab
2:30 Andrea Isella (Caltech): Finding Young Planets by their Imprints on Circumstellar Disks

Developing Instruments to Find Other Earths

2:50 Laurent Pueyo (Johns Hopkins University): High Contrast Imaging with an Arbitrary Aperture: Active Correction of Aperture Discontinuities
3:10 Afternoon Break
3:40 Katie Morzinski (Univ. of Arizona): MagAO: Bringing AO to the Magellan Clay Telescope
4:00 Ettore Pedretti (Scottish Assoc. for Marine Science): From Imaging Stars to Measuring Waves in Sea Ice: An Interferometrist Tale
4:20 Christian Schwab (Yale): Single Mode, Extreme Precision Doppler Spectrographs

Finding Planets Everywhere

4:40 John Johnson (Caltech): Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Hot Jupiters
5:00 Ivan Ramirez (Univ. of Texas, Austin): Finding Planets using Stellar Chemical Abundances
5:20 Adjourn
7:00 Dinner at Porto Alegro restaurant (free for speakers, $50 for others and guests)

Friday, November 9

Finding Planets Everywhere (continued)

8:30 Julian van Eyken (UCSB): PTFO 8-8695b: A Transiting T-Tauri Planet Candidate
8:50 Sean Brittain (Clemson): Identification of Forming Gas Giant Planets in the Transition Object HD100546
9:10 Sasha Hinkley (Caltech): The New Era of Exoplanet Direct Imaging
9:30 Eric Nielsen (IfA, Univ. of Hawaii): The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: Constraints on Large Separation Giant Planets
9:50 Sloane Wiktorowicz (UCSC): Direct Detection of Exoplanets with Polarimetry
10:10 Morning Break
10:40 Bryce Croll (MIT): Achieving Precise Near-infrared Photometry from the Ground and its Application to the Thermal Emission of Hot Jupiters
11:00 Subo Dong (IAS): Exoplanet Demography — Stamp Collecting and Beyond
11:20 Jenny Patience (Arizona State): Companions to A-stars — From Stars to Planets
11:40 Sarah Ballard (Univ. of Washington): Exoplanet Characterization by Proxy for Kepler-61b: How a Nearby Star Bumped a Planet Out of the Habitable Zone
12:00 Jean-Michel Desert (Caltech): Atmospheric Characterization of Transiting Extrasolar Planets
12:20 Lunch (on own)
1:45 Peter Goldreich (IAS/Caltech) Keynote Talk: Reading the Record of Ancient Impacts: Formation of Chondrules and Chondrites
2:45 Emily Rauscher (Princeton): Hot Jupiter Atmospheric Circulation with Magnetic Drag and Ohmic Dissipation
3:05 Afternoon Break
3:35 Nikole Lewis (MIT): Atmospheric Circulation of Extrasolar Giant Planets
3:55 David Kipping (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA): A Search for Exomoons
4:15 Jenny Patience (ASU), Sean Brittain (Clemson), Ettore Pedretti (Scottish Assoc. for Marine Sci.), Margaret Moerchen (STScI), Rolf Danner (Northrup Grumman): Panel Discussion on Career Paths and Transitions
5:10 Dawn Gelino and Chas Beichman (NExScI): Closing Comments
5:20 Adjourn

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