NExScI Interferometry Software

The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) provides software for use in the observation planning and data reduction for supported missions and facilties. This software was developed for direct support of the Keck Interferometer (KI) and Palomar Testbed Interferometer (PTI) however it might also be useful to other investigators.

Some of the packages available here may be subject to copyright restrictions. By downloading software from this site, the user agrees to accept responsibility for compliance with any applicable restrictions as outlined in the copyright information included with each package. See the "Copyright" links below for more information regarding the restrictions for each particular package.

Support for the software discussed on this page is provided on a best-effort basis.

V2Calib Links (PTI/KI visibility amplitude calibration applications)
  • Download V2Calib
  • Additional Information
  • Copyright
  • Version Information
  • getCal Links
    • Download getCal
    • Additional Information
    • Copyright
    • Version Information
    • Hipparcos Catalog Links (required for getCal)
      • Download Hipparcos
      • Additional Information
      • Link to Hipparcos Mission
      • Visibility Modeling Tool Links - (part of the getCal planning tool suite)
        • Download VMT
        • User Guide (pdf file)
        • Copyright
        • Version Information

        • If NASA Exoplanet Science Institute software or services were helpful in your research, the following acknowledgement would be appreciated:

          "This work has made use of services produced by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute at the California Institute of Technology."

          We are always interested in how our software is utilized and would appreciate receiving references to published works at the help desk page.