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2005 Michelson Fellows Symposium
October 20-21, 2005

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA

Beckman Institute Auditorium

The agenda and presentations are available online, along with full abstracts

The first-ever Michelson Fellows Symposium is now set for October of 2005, to be held at the California Institute of Technology's Beckman Institute Auditorium.  The 2005 MFS will highlight the many cutting-edge efforts by the Michelson Fellows, featuring talks in the following areas of emphasis:
  • Coronography: Theory & Engineering
  • Interferometry: Theory & Engineering
  • Interferometric Observations of Stars
  • Observations of Disks and YSOs
  • Planet Detection Efforts

Speakers' information is available online.


Gerard van Belle - Michelson Fellowship Program Administrator
Dawn Gelino
Shellie Hanna
Kathy Golden

Web curator: Gerard van Belle