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This new service is funded by NASA to serve the user community working with exoplanet data, primarily transit data sets from Kepler and CoRoT, by providing long-term data curation and analysis tools. The archive content includes exoplanet and stellar host properties and Kepler candidate properties in interactive tables including centroiding information from the Kepler pipeline. Visualization of Kepler light curves has interactive, multi-quarter plotting with optional normalization and links to periodogram and phased light curves. Analysis tools include periodogram calculations for both archive and user-supplied data and transit ephemeris predictions. Additional data content includes contributed exoplanet data from space- and ground-based projects.

Data contents and features
  • Data on the properties of exoplanets and their host stars in an interactive table
  • Kepler planetary candidates including false positives, eclipsing binaries and centroiding information in an interactive table
  • Interactive visualization of Kepler public lights curves including multi-quarter plotting, normalization, and links to periodogram and phased light curves.
  • U.S. Portal to Public CoRoT Data including asteroseismology and exoplanet data
  • Portal to >230,000 light curves from the HATNet, TrES, and KELT transit surveys
  • Transit prediction for all known exoplanets and Kepler planetary candidates
  • Spitzer InfraRed Spectrograph (IRS) spectra
  • Keck HIRES spectra from the planet-hunting program M2K
  • photometric light curves of known transiting planets donated by amateur astronomers
  • Coronagraphic images of stars measured at Palomar
  • Time series photometric data on known transiting exoplanets
  • Radial velocity data of exoplanet hosting stars
  • Dedicated interface related to exoplanet transit surveys

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Last Updated: November 2011