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KI V2 Data Products

Quality assessment details (.qadet) FileDescription

This ASCII filecontains the values for each metric calculated during the qualityassessment. The calculations are based on a number of attributes(i.e. phase jitter) and for each attribute the caulcated value and thepercentile are given. Each line corresponds to one band (wide-bandchannel, summed spectrometer or individual spectrometer channels).The following gives an example of a line from a KI .qadet file:

QADET 01/01/2004/08:44:39 8.744241 HDC27406 1.2 KI_K1K2 WB 4 6 2 0.44 18 316.87 18 0.66 75 0.00 100 0.45 17 0.01 90 330.11 21 0.69 70 0.34 100 74.99 52 0.39 32 0.04 97

The line consistsof a number of space-delimited fields. The meanings of these fieldsare summarized in the table below. Each line corresponds to a blockaverage of data (typically from 5 to 25 seconds of fringe data, notnecessarily contiguous). All entries, including time and delay lineposition, are mean values for the block. A value of NULL indicatesthat the quantity was not calculated. See the QA overview for details on the QAcalculations. A # as the leading character indicates a comment.

field# content comments
QADET a literal string; each line starts with QADET.
date UTC date of the observation (dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm:ss)
time Mean observation time (decimal UTC hours)
target Target designation (ASCII string)
context version CVS version of context file
baseline Baseline name
Band ID ID for this band. Allowed values are WB, spec and integers for the individual spectrometerchannels
Num. record attributes The number of attributes in the record score.
Num. scan attributes The number of attributes in the scan score.
Num. night attributes The number of attributes in the nightly score.
Record att. 1 value 1st record attribute value.
Record att. 1 score 1st record attribute percentile score.
value, percentile For each record, scan, and night attribute a pair ofvalue/percentile numbers is given.