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KI V2 Data Products

V2 Calibration data (.calib) File

The V2 calibration data (.calib) file containsdetails of the derived calibration quantities for each source.Lines starting with # are comments.

Lists of calibration data are tagged by source, starting withthe averages of each calibration segment by type:

CALIB: 8.719807 HDC27406 CT_DARK 0 152.50 14.50 -167.70 47.10

Where the columns are time, source, calibration type, fringe tracker channel (where 0 = wide-band), X, Y, N, and NUM. These averages are followed by the derived bias calibrations:

CALIB: 8.719807 HDC27406 CT_DARK_STRUCT 0 152.50 14.50 -167.70 47.10 0.260 and CALIB: 8.709341 HDC27406 CT_RATIO_STRUCT 0 2.056 1.136

The first 3 values after the Cal structure tag are time, structuretype and fringe tracker channel. For CT_DARK, the 5 values are BX,BY, BN, read noise variance and K (the ratio between data numbers andelectrons, see reduction guide for more info). For CT_RATIO, the 2 valuesare K1/K2 photon ratio and ratio correction.

Note that these values are reported as the data is processedfor each archive file and thus the calib file is time ordered onlywithin each output type and archive file.