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NExScI Keck Interferometer Support Page

The NExScI provides observation planning, data infrastructure, and data calibration applications for KI. This web page contains links to help you access, reduce and calibrate KI data. For assistance visit the the help desk page.

Quick Links

Interferometry Basics

Instrument Information

Observation Planning

Although KI is no longer operational and observations are no longer available, the links below contain useful information on the calibration selection.

Data Access

The raw data are reduced to averaged visibilities (Level 1) by the NExScI and these data are available through a web interface, subject to data proprietary constraints.

Data Analysis

The data analysis is covered in two stages: from raw data to visibilities is called data reduction and correcting those visibilities for the system visibility is called data calibration.

Data Reduction

The data reduction step is run automatically by the NExScI. If you would like the reduction run with different settings, please visit the the help desk page.

Data Calibration