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NASA Keck Operations

NASA Keck Single-Aperture Operations


The 2010B call for proposals is now closed.

NExScI provides solicitation and selection, and has developed data archiving for the NASA portion of HIRES time on the Keck Telescopes at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The Keck Telescopes are operated for the California Association for Research in Astronomy (CARA), the University of Hawaii (UH), and NASA by the William M. Keck Observatory (WMKO) in Waimea, HI. The Keck telescopes are two 10 meter aperture telescopes whose primary mirrors are each composed of thirty-six 2 meter mirror segments.


NExScI administers NASA's portion of the time on the Keck Telescopes, issuing the proposal solicitation, conducting the peer review, and finalizing selections for investigations. Detailed information on Keck time solicitations and a list of selected NASA-Keck research projects since 1996B are available.

Further, the NExScI has developed (jointly with IPAC and WMKO) an archiving and access system for the HIRES data taken on NASA time. More details on access to public data from this archive are available here.


Publications based on data collected by NASA-funded Keck observing programs.

Publications based on data collected by the Keck Interferometer.