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High Country Conference Center, Flagstaff, AZ
May 1-6, 2011

Where to Eat in Flagstaff

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There are many great restaurants within walking distance of the conference center (see map). See here for general information and below for some local recommendations.

Within 1-2 blocks of the conference center:

In downtown Flagstaff - a little further from the conference center but also within walking distance:

Japanese food and sushi bar. Open for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday; dinner on Sunday.

  • Charly's 23 N. Leroux St. (978) 779-1919
  • Salads, burgers, sandwiches, with a nice local flair. Located on the ground floor of the Weatherford, a historic old hotel.

  • The Wine Loft 17 N. San Francisco St. (978) 773-9463
  • Just what it says. Stop here for a glass of wine or beer, then find one of the places above for dinner. Great way to spend a May evening in Flagstaff, assuming it's 75 degrees and sunny rather than snowing.

    A little farther north, but still within 1 mile of the conference center:

    Walkable to the south of the conference center:

    These you'll probably want to drive to, farther down Milton Ave across from the huge Target:

    Farther afield but the ribs are worth it!


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