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Exploring Strange New Worlds: From Giant Planets to Super Earths

High Country Conference Center, Flagstaff, AZ
May 1-6, 2011

co-hosted by the NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program
and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

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Conference Sponsors

Spitzer Science Center
Blue Dots
Lockheed Martin
Northrup Grumman

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Charles Beichman, NExScI, California Institute of Technology (Chair)
  • Willie Benz, Observatoire de Besancon
  • Adam Burrows, Princeton University
  • Mark Clampin, Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Vincent Coudé du Foresto, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
  • Rene Doyon, University of Montreal
  • Malcolm Fridlund, European Space Agency
  • Dawn Gelino, NExScI, California Institute of Technology
  • Jeffrey Hall, Lowell Observatory
  • Heidi Hammel, Space Science Institute
  • Artie Hatzes, Thuringia State Observatory
  • John Johnson, California Institute of Technology
  • Ken Johnston, US Naval Observatory
  • Pierre-Olivier Lagage, Commissariat á l'Energie Atomique
  • Bruce Macintosh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Vikki Meadows, University of Washington
  • Lisa Prato, Lowell Observatory
  • Andreas Quirrenbach, University of Heidelberg
  • Iain Neill Reid, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • George Rieke, University of Arizona
  • Marcia Rieke, University of Arizona
  • Sara Seager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Larry Soderblom, US Geological Survey
  • Motohide Tamura, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  • Wesley Traub, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Stephen Unwin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Local Organizing Committee

  • Carolyn Brinkworth, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
  • Dawn Gelino, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (Chair)
  • Kathy Golden, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
  • Jeffrey Hall, Lowell Observatory (Co-chair)
  • David Koerner, Northern Arizona University
  • Patrick Lowrance, Spitzer Science Center
  • Jeffrey Munn, US Naval Observatory
  • Marc Murison, US Naval Observatory
  • Helga Mycroft, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
  • Ellen O'Leary, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
  • Ozhen Pananyan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Lisa Prato, Lowell Observatory
  • Paul Shankland, US Naval Observatory
  • Stephen Unwin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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