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2005 Michelson Fellows Symposium
October 20-21, 2005

Information for speakers at the 2005 MFS:

Athenaeum reservations list
Aufdenberg, Jason
Brittain, Sean
Mahadevan, Survath
Moerchen, Margaret
Muterspaugh, Matthew
Soummer, Rémi
Tycner, Christopher
van Eyken, Julien

Travel contacts
Travel contacts assignments, either Shellie Hanna or Kathy Golden, are as follows:

Kathy Golden:
Aufdenberg, Jason
Belikov, Ruslan
Bordé, Pascal
Brittain, Sean
Digby, Andrew
Eisner, Josh
Give'on, Amir
Hope, Douglas
Liu, Wilson
Mahadevan, Survath
Masterson, Rebecca
Moro-Martin, Amaya
Mullally, Fergal

Shellie Hanna:
Moerchen, Margaret
Muterspaugh, Matthew
Nielsen, Eric
Pedretti, Ettore
Perrin, Marshall
Putnam, Nicole
Ragland, Sam
Rajagopal, Jayadev
Soummer, Rémi
Tycner, Christopher
van Eyken, Julien
Wertz, Julie

No travel needed:
Ireland, Mike
Kern, Brian
Konacki, Maciej
Millan-Gabet, Rafael
Patience, Jennifer

Travel details

Details are available if your contact is Shellie Hanna or Kathy Golden.

Travel FAQ

1)  I have just made flight reservations.  How should I go about being reimbursed through MSC?  I usually am reimbursed by my fellowship through the business office here.  Should I do that, then have my fellowship reimbursed the cost, or should I be reimbursed directly through the MSC office?

Collect your receipts for airfare and other transportation, and your lodging. Don't bother with receipts for food, you'll get a standard per diem for the days you're here.  Once the symposium is done, you'll mail your receipts to the MSC for reimbursement.

2)  Do you have any recommendations as far as ground transportation between LAX and Pasadena once I'm in LA?

Supershuttle is fine (; there are plenty of other vendors from the airport as well.

3) Do I need to pay for the room in advance, or MSC is taking care of that?

You'll need to pay for the room when you leave - the MSC's only special involvement is in getting the Athenaeum reservation for speakers.

Local Maps

Maps are available for:

Getting Around & Parking

If you are driving to campus and require parking, please note the new instructions from Caltech Parking & Commuter Services:

"Visitors are required to display a permit if their vehicle is parked on campus between the hours of 7am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

"Visitor permits are available at automated pay stations at the following locations:
  • Structure #1 (North Wilson Structure)
  • Parking Lot #6 (Tournament Lot
  • Structure #3 (California Structure)
  • Structure #4 (Holliston Structure)
  • Parking Lot #12 (Lura Lot)
"Visitor permits may be purchased at the rate of $1 per hour, $5 per day, or $15 per week. A $5 daily permit is valid through the end of the business day (5:00 pm) in which the permit is purchased.

  • Susan arrives on Tuesday at 10:00 am and purchases a $5 daily permit. This permit is valid until 5:00 pm on Tuesday.
  • David arrives on Tuesday at 3:00 pm and purchases a 2 hour permit. This permit is valid through the remainder of the business day on Tuesday.
  • William arrives on Tuesday at 3:00 pm. William is not familiar with the parking regulations and purchases a $5 daily permit. This permit is valid only until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, and is not valid at any time on Wednesday.
"Visitors must park in the Commuter (General) parking area."

A map of the Caltech parking areas is available.

Pasadena transportation options

Pasadena Area Restaurants

    Visit the Pasadena Complete Dining Guide

Food on Campus

There are a number of options for lunch on the Caltech campus:
  • Visit the Caltech Dining Services page for detailed information on campus eateries.
  • The Red Door serves coffee, blended drinks, pastries, muffins, and. when available, some salads, soups and sandwiches. Located next to Chandler, and the Convenience Store. Open from 7:45am-6pm.
  • The Chandler Dining Hall is open from 7-10:30am for breakfast, and 11:30am-2pm for lunch. It features a made-to-order grill, pizza (very good; made to order, but the line-ups can be long, especially right at 12 noon), Mexican food, a deli, salad bar, and an Asian food. See the website for weekly menu items. Chandler is located on the corner of San Pasqual and Holliston, directly across from Physical Plant.
  • The Caltech Convenience Store is open Monday-Friday, 9:30am-midnight, and 10:30am-11pm on Saturday and Sunday. The have a small, but impressively complete selection of foodstuffs, and assorted necessities. Hot dogs on a rotisserie, salads and sadwiches in the refrigerators. Good assortment of fine cheese!
  • Every weekday, around 12:30pm, the famous Ernie's food truck appears in the parking lot in front of Spaulding on California. Good sandwiches, grill items, friendly service and all very affordable.
  • The Atheneum (the Caltech faculty club) is open for lunch and dinner. However, you need to be a member, or the guest of a member to eat there, since all food/drinks are charged (no cash!).  Cozy up to one of the locals to sample the finery.  Bonus points for the Fellow who can identify the major motion picture the Ath has appeared in.
We are not able to provide lunch as part of the symposium program.

Restaurants Nearby Campus

Nearby food locations:
There are additional places further north on Lake, but remember, you only have an hour and 15 minutes for lunch, so these might be questionable.

Restaurants Nearby the Sheraton

You can't go wrong with some of the local places to be found in Old Town Pasadena.  Specific suggestions for dinner include:
  • A'Float Sushi (map, reviews) - Watch the boats float by!
  • Goldstein's Bagels (map) - Ask for the onion bagel, well toasted.
  • Lucky Baldwin's (map, reviews) - An authentic English pub in Old Town.
  • Mezbaan Indian Cuisine (map, reviews) - Often overlooked, this venue never disappoints.
  • A complete listing

Things to do for Traveling Companions

Pasadena and the surrounding area has a great many diversions for individuals traveling with you while you're in class.  A few suggestions:
Pasadena Weather
Current forecast

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