7 - 10 March 2005
Pasadena, California, USA

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Conference Participants

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Topical sessions

- Global disk physics, chemistry and evolution
- New results from spatial interferometers: optical through radio
- First results from the Spitzer Space Telescope
- Disk imaging from the ground and space
- High resolution spectroscopy across the spectrum
- The inner 1 AU: observations and theory
- Initial conditions for planet formation
- Global properties of exo-planets

Scientific Organizing Committee

Rachel Akeson, co-chair, MSC, USA
Rafael Millan-Gabet, co-chair, MSC, USA
Carsten Dominik, U. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thomas Henning, MPIA Heidelberg, Germany
Paolo Garcia, CAUP, Portugal
Wilhelm Kley, U. Tubingen, Germany
Fabien Malbet, LAOG, France
Antonella Natta, Osservatorio di Arcetri, Italy
Joan Najita, NOAO, USA
Deborah Padgett, SSC, USA
Dimitar Sasselov, CfA, USA


Spitzer Science Center (SSC), USA
Jean-Marie Mariotti Center (JMMC), France
Frontiers of Interferometry in Germany (FrInGe), Germany
NOVA-ESO VLTI Expertise Center (NEVEC), The Netherlands
Centro de Astrofisica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP), Portugal

Local Organizing Committee

Rachel Akeson
Rafael Millan-Gabet
David Ciardi
Dawn Gelino
Kathy Golden