7 - 10 March 2005
Pasadena, California, USA

From Disks to Planets
Electronic Conference Proceedings

Instructions for Submission of Talks and Posters

The MSC will electronically publish the talks and posters presented at the conference.  Please follow the following instructions to upload your talk or poster file:

Important notes:                                                                                               
1) Please deposit a single file per talk or poster.

2) Please name your file as: your_last_name.pdf. If you have multiple files (e.g. a talk and a poster, or two posters) please use
suffixes as in: your_last_name_1.pdf, your_last_name_2.pdf, etc.
3) We strongly prefer that you send us files in PDF format. Conversion from PowerPoint to PDF can in most cases be easily 
be done by you as a print option from PowerPoint. There is a limit of 5MB per file, which most talks/posters can easily satisfy
after conversion to PDF. Please contact us if you require a larger file size.
4) Please upload you talk or poster before April 10, 2005.