2018 Sagan/Michelson Fellows Symposium

November 8-9, 2018

4th floor conference room, Keith Spalding building

California Institute of Technology

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Thursday, November 8

9:00 Dawn Gelino (NExScI) and Chas Beichman (NExScI): Welcome
9:10 Andrew Vanderburg (Sagan Fellow, University of Texas, Austin): Early Results from the TESS Mission (keynote) (pdf)
9:30 Avi Shporer (Sagan Fellow, MIT): TESS full orbital phase curve of a massive transiting hot Jupiter planet (keynote) (pdf)
9:50 Songhu Wang (51 Peg b Fellow, Yale): HD202772A b: the first confirmation of a hot Jupiter discovered by TESS
10:10 Johanna Teske (Hubble Fellow, Carnegie Observatories): A Southern Hemisphere RV Follow-up Program for TESS with PFS/Magellan
10:30 Morning Break
Transit Results
11:00 Ben Montet (Sagan Fellow, University of Chicago): Searching for Transiting Planets in NGC 6791 (keynote) (pdf)
11:20 Benjamin Pope (Sagan Fellow, New York University): Exoplanet Transits with Next-Generation Radio Telescopes
11:40 David Kipping (Sagan Fellow, Columbia): Transiting Exomoons (keynote) (pdf)
12:00 Lunch (on own)
1:30 Josh Eisner (Michelson Fellow, University of Arizona): Imaging Protoplanets
1:50 Kate Follette (Sagan Fellow, Amherst College): Detecting Accreting Protoplanets with the MagAO Giant Accreting Protoplanet Survey (GAPlanetS) (pptx) (pdf)
2:10 Jason Wang (51 Peg b Fellow, Caltech): Capturing Footage of Young Jovian Worlds
2:30 Sloane Wiktorowicz (Sagan Fellow, The Aerospace Corporation): Determination of Rocky Exoplanet Surface Properties from Polarimetry
2:50 Afternoon Break
3:20 Jeffrey Fung (Sagan Fellow, University of California Berkeley): An Update on the Basics of Disk-Planet Interaction
3:40 Ian Czekala (NHFP Sagan Fellow, University of California Berkeley): The Alignment of Binary Star Orbits and their Circumbinary Disks
4:00 Sivan Ginzburg (51 Peg b Fellow, University of California Berkeley): Gaps in low-viscosity disks
4:20 Wladimir Lyra (Sagan Fellow, California State University, Northridge): Planet Signatures in Transition Disks
4:40 Kamber Schwarz (NHFP Sagan Fellow, University of Arizona): Primordial C/H Predictions Inside the CO Snowline
5:00 Adjourn
6:00 Group Dinner at Saladang Garden (please email if you would like to attend)

Friday, November 9

Dynamics, Host Stars, and Missions
9:00 Daniel Tamayo (NHFP Sagan Fellow, Princeton University): New tools for the dynamical characterization of exoplanet systems
9:20 Raphaelle Haywood (Sagan Fellow, Harvard College Observatory): Breaking the Stellar Activity Barrier to Characterising Small Planets (Remote)
9:40 Ian Crossfield (Sagan Fellow, MIT): Isotopic Abundances of Cool Dwarfs (Remote)
10:00 Rafael Millan Gabet (Michelson Fellow, GMTO): Status of the Giant Magellan Telescope and Prospects for Exoplanet Science
10:20 Courtney Dressing (Sagan Fellow, University of California Berkeley): Expanding the Frontiers of Exoplanet Science with the LUVOIR Mission Concept
10:40 Morning Break
11:00 Career Panel: Karl Stapelfeldt, Kate Follette, Sloane Wiktorowicz, Margaret Moerchen, Gerard Van Belle
12:15 Lunch (on own)
1:45 Keynote: Linda Spilker (JPL): Surprises in the Saturn System: Cassini Mission Highlights
2:45 Sam Halverson (Sagan Fellow, MIT): Hunting for exo-Earths in the optical and near-infrared with a new generation of Doppler spectrometers
3:05 Johan Mazoyer (NHFP Sagan Fellow, JPL): Current Limitations and Perspectives for Direct Imaging Instrumentation for Future Space-Based Telescopes
3:25 Christian Schwab (Sagan Fellow, Macquarie University): Etalon based wavelength calibrators for extreme-precision Doppler spectrographs
3:45 Afternoon Break
Characterization and Habitability
4:10 Katherine de Kleer (51 Peg b Fellow, Caltech): Broadening the Context for Solar System Science
4:30 Thaddeus Komacek (51 Peg b Fellow, University of Chicago): The atmospheric circulation of terrestrial planets over a broad range of planetary parameters
4:50 Diana Valencia (Sagan Fellow, University of Toronto): Long Term Climate Stability in Exo-Earths
5:10 Dawn Gelino (NExScI): Closing
5:15 Adjourn

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