2005 Michelson Summer Workshop - Local Information

You are strongly urged to print this page and any appropriate maps.

The Agenda

A final copy of the agenda, including slides for most of the presentations, is available here.

Bus Transportation between the Pasadena Sheraton and the Caltech Campus

Each morning the bus will make 2 trips (the first at 7:30 AM and the second at 8:00 AM) from the Pasadena Sheraton to the Caltech Campus. 

One bus will not be able to accommodate all of the workshop participants.  A limited amount of donuts, pastries, etc. will be available starting at 7:45 each morning.  Get on the 7:30 bus if you want some!  We will also have internet access available.  Please note that food and drinks are not allowed in the Beckman Institute Auditorium.

If you miss the second bus, you can either take the 30 minute walk from the Sheraton to Campus or contact the Sheraton shuttle.  Please note that either of these options will likely not get you to campus before the morning presentations begin.

Once the presentations are over each afternoon, the bus will make 2 trips from the Caltech campus back to the Sheraton.

Sunday Evening Reception & Registration

There will be a reception in the courtyard area outside the Beckman Institute Auditorium (not to be confused with the Beckman Auditorium) on campus from 7: 00 - 9:00 pm. This will include an opportunity to register for the summer workshop, and sign up for the tour of Mt. Wilson and the workshop banquet. Light snacks (not dinner) will be provided.

Wednesday Afternoon Tour of Mt. Wilson

At noon on Wednesday we will take 2 buses up to Mt. Wilson for a tour of the observatory's telescopes.  The buses will only hold 110 people, so sign up early!  Guests are welcome on a space-available basis.  There will probably not be enough time between the end of the presentations and our departure to go and buy lunch.  Therefore, you can purchase a Subway box lunch for $5 (in cash, correct change is appreciated).  This will include a 6" sandwich (your choice of ham, turkey, or veggie), chips, a cookie, and a bottle of water.  You must order and pay for your lunch when you pick up your badge at the registration table.  We will not have extra lunches available to purchase on Wednesday, and there are no food or drink facilities available on the mountain.  We can not issue any refunds on the lunches.   

It will likely be hot at the observatory, so please dress appropriately for walking in hot, dry weather.  We will provide each of you with a bottle of water (in addition to the water purchased with lunch).  If you would like to have more water, please bring it with you, as there are no food or drink available on the mountain.  The tour will last approximately 2 1/2 hours, with an additional travel time of about 1 hour each way. For more information on the Mount Wilson Observatory, please see:

Once we return to Pasadena, the buses will have stops at both the Caltech campus and the Sheraton.

Thursday Evening Banquet

To be held from 6:30 - 9:00 pm at Burger Continental in Pasadena at 535 S. Lake (see map below).  Don't let the name fool you, it's the finest Middle Eastern & Mediterranean food to be had in Pasadena.  The price will be $22 per person (exact change is greatly appreciated!!), payable in cash when you arrive at the restaurant, with a cash bar available.  You will be encouraged to sign up for one of the limited slots available for this event; guests are welcome on a space-available basis.  We will not be providing bus transportation for this event.

Internet Access

We are happy to provide internet access during the summer workshop so everyone can follow along with the speaker's presentation.  Instructions on connecting will be provided at the registration table.

Athletic Facilities Access

We have arranged for you to use the Braun Athletic Center facilities free of charge when you show your workshop badge.  The center's summer weekday hours are 6 AM - 10 PM.  The building is located on South Wilson Avenue.  See the local campus map below for the exact location.

Local Maps

Maps are available for:

Getting Around

Bus transportation will be provided between the Sheraton and the Caltech campus.
If you are driving to campus and require parking, parking instructions were already provided to you in your travel guidelines (sample copy).

Pasadena transportation options

Pasadena Area Restaurants

    Visit the Pasadena Complete Dining Guide

Food on Campus

There are a number of options for lunch on the Caltech campus:
  • Visit the Caltech Dining Services page for detailed information on campus eateries.
  • The Red Door serves coffee, blended drinks, pastries, muffins, and. when available, some salads, soups and sandwiches. Located next to Chandler, and the Convenience Store. Open from 7:45am-6pm.
  • The Chandler Dining Hall is open from 7-10:30am for breakfast, and 11:30am-2pm for lunch. It features a made-to-order grill, pizza (very good; made to order, but the line-ups can be long, especially right at 12 noon), Mexican food, a deli, salad bar, and an Asian food. See the website for weekly menu items. Chandler is located on the corner of San Pasqual and Holliston, directly across from Physical Plant.
  • The Caltech Convenience Store is open Monday-Friday, 9:30am-midnight, and 10:30am-11pm on Saturday and Sunday. The have a small, but impressively complete selection of foodstuffs, and assorted necessities. Hot dogs on a rotisserie, salads and sadwiches in the refrigerators. Good assortment of fine cheese!
  • Every weekday, around 12:30pm, the famous Ernie's food truck appears in the parking lot in front of Spaulding on California. Good sandwiches, grill items, friendly service and all very affordable.
  • The Atheneum (the Caltech faculty club) is open for lunch and dinner. However, you need to be a member, or the guest of a member to eat there, since all food/drinks are charged (no cash!).  Cozy up to one of the locals to sample the finery.  Bonus points for the student who can identify the major motion picture the Ath has appeared in.
We are not able to provide lunch as part of the summer workshop program.

Restaurants Nearby Campus

Nearby food locations:
There are additional places further north on Lake, but remember, you only have an hour and 15 minutes for lunch, so these might be questionable.

Restaurants Nearby the Sheraton

You can't go wrong with some of the local places to be found in Old Town Pasadena.  Specific suggestions for dinner include:
  • A'Float Sushi (map, reviews) - Watch the boats float by!
  • Goldstein's Bagels (map) - Ask for the onion bagel, well toasted.
  • Lucky Baldwin's (map, reviews) - An authentic English pub in Old Town.
  • Mezbaan Indian Cuisine (map, reviews) - Often overlooked, this venue never disappoints.
  • A complete listing

Things to do for Traveling Companions

Pasadena and the surrounding area has a great many diversions for individuals traveling with you while you're in class.  A few suggestions:

Pasadena Weather

Current forecast

2005 Michelson Summer Workshop
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, July 24-29, 2005