2003 Michelson Interferometry Summer School

First Announcement: January 13, 2003

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 
July 7-11, 2003 

How to Apply | Application Form | Agenda (PDF)

The 2003 Michelson Interferometry Summer School will be held at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, from Monday July 7 through Friday July 11, 2003. 

The Summer School will consist of a series of tutorial lectures describing the theory and techniques of optical/infrared long baseline stellar interferometry, from its fundamental principles through to its astrophysical applications, methods of data analysis, and interpretation. Information on previous schools is available, which covered similar topics.

The 2003 Summer School is intended for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in Physics and/or Astronomy, although applications from upperclass undergraduates and other individuals in the field of astronomical interferometry will be considered.  Financial assistance for travel and accommodations will be available for successful applicants in accordance with U.S. government reimbursement regulations. 

Applications must be received by close of business on March 7, 2003.  Details of the application process are available below and at the website of the Michelson Science Center (

Local Organizing Committee

Gerard van Belle (Caltech)
Kathy Golden (Caltech)

Important Dates

January 13, 2003: First announcement; application period opens 
February 24, 2003: Final announcement 
March 7, 2003: Application deadline 
March 14, 2003: Decisions on financial support announced

Current Information

Current information on the summer school is available online at:  This school will focus on material from the 1999 Summer School contained in the “Principles of Long Baseline Interferometry” (Peter Lawson, editor). Paper copies of this book are available free of charge by email to Peter Lawson (, and are available online at:

How to Apply:

Fill in the application form below and send it prior to March 7, 2003 to Dr. Gerard van Belle ( and include “Summer School 2003 Application” in the subject line.

Include in your application a brief description of your current research and research interests. Also arrange for an email letter of support from your advisor to be sent to the same address. The letter of support is an essential part of the application process, but need only be a brief paragraph.

As the Michelson Summer School is to encourage future users of optical/IR interferometers, we would also like to solicit from applicants an observing proposal for the long-baseline interferometer of your choice. Although this is not a mandatory part of the application, the strength of submitted proposals will aid in the selection process. 

If submitted, the proposal should be as complete as possible, citing the astrophysical target, the scientific interest in the observation, and the feasibility of the program with specific reference to an existing interferometer (i.e. CHARA, GI2T, IOTA, ISI, Keck, NPOI, PTI, SUSI, VLTI).  The observations should be suited to the interferometer's current capabilities, including the existing baselines, the sky coverage, wavelength range, and its current sensitivity. 

Please note that this part of the application does not imply a guarantee of observing time.  Noteworthy proposals by summer school participants will be encouraged to pursue observations where possible through the appropriate interferometer time allocation committees. 

Michelson Summer School 2003 Application Form

Paste into an email and complete the following 11 items and send no later than March 7, 2003, to Dr. Gerard van Belle ( at the Michelson Science Center.  Include “Summer School 2003 Application” in the subject line.

1. Last Name: 

2. First Name: 

3. Affiliation/Name of School: 

4. Degree Program (Master/PhD/Postdoc): 

5. Year (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th): 

6. Mailing Address: 

7. Phone: 

8. Email: 

9. Name and email address of faculty advisor: 

10. Description of your current research and research interests and how you would benefit from the Summer School.  Limit your comments to 300 words or less.

11. Observing Proposal (Optional).

Please arrange for an email letter of support from your advisor to be sent to Dr. Gerard van Belle no later than March 7, 2003.